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Gauge Block Measuring System GBC 150 Silver OCTAGON

Last Updated
16 Mar 2023
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1 unit

Specification of Gauge Block Measuring System GBC 150 Silver OCTAGON

Gauge Block Measuring System GBC 150 Silver

GBC 150 Silver Gauge block comparator with Heidenhain a Incremental length gauges long measuring range 25 mm and consistently high accuracy ±0.03μm at top side and bottom one with the high precision inductive probe.


Features :

• Mikronix make Rigid cast-iron stand, making unit temperature stable.

• Electro-pneumatic lifting of both top and bottom length gauges.

• Gentle, precise and extremely smooth operation carriage fixture due to slideways, which are impervious to dirt.

• Ergonomical operation due to the optimally arranged gauge block holding fixture.

• Movement of the gage blocks due to support consisting of hardened circular guide pins.

• No zero setting required, since the set value is automatically related to the nominal value of the respective reference gage block.

• Very effective protection from heat due to an acrylic glass screen,

• Correction for measuring force.

• Correction of differing thermal expansion coefficients.

• Computation of mean values.

• Calibration program of gage block measuring unit.


Main Advantage :

• Less number of reference standard gauge block pieces required : Instead of use of 122 piece set of reference standard gauge blocks only 15 pieces are required to cover complete the range.

• Measurements of any arbitrary size of gauge block possible with out availability of reference gauge block of same size.

• Measurements of Imperial ( inch) gauge block possible with same 15 pcs of reference gauge blocks

• No special set for the calibration of Gauge block comparator :

• Low costs of re-calibration of reference standards :

Technical Specifications GBC 150 Silver
 Measuring Range 0.5 mm to 150 mm
 Comprison Range 20 mm
 Resolution 0.01 μm
 Measurement uncertainty 0.03 μm *under specified conditions
 Active table surface 60 mm x 60 mm (Carbide Line Contact)
 Repeatability ± 0.01 μm
 Dimensions (mm) 300(L) X 400 (H)X 250 (W)
 Weight 38 kg
For testing gage blocks beyond 100 mm , we recommend the Octaogn Gold Plus universal measuring machine.

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