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Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator SIKA Model P40.2 with D2

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator SIKA Model P40.2 with D2

Hand Pump Pressure Calibrator (Pneumatic)

Ideal tool for checking & Calibration of Digital / Analog Pressure Gauges / Indicators,

Pressure Transmitters / Transducers & Hydrostatic Pressure Testing etc.

Model : P40.2  , Range: -0.95 bar to 40 bar (-14 psi to 580 psi)

Model: P60 . Range: -0.95 bar to 60 bar (-14 psi to 870 psi)

Hand Test Pump

Air, water and oil are used as pressure media. Especially in application areas in which wetting of the test sample is not allowed or the use of aggressive or ionising substances must be avoided, air is the ideal test medium.

SIKA‘s pneumatic test pump fulfils requirements that in many cases can only be covered by several pumps from other suppliers.

  • Manual pressure generation in the medium pressure range up to 60 bar using a handle is unique – no other pump can do this.

  • Integrated negative pressure capability enables operating with vacuum down to -950 mbar. A changeover valve enables switching from positive pressure to negative pressure with no need for special tools.

  • A large-volume pressure regulator with ultrafine thread pitch is used for precise pressure adjustment in the low mbar range, enabling accurate settings in the low pressure region.

The easily operated hydraulic test pumps are specifically designed for the medium to high pressure range. They have a built-in reservoir for the hydraulic fluid. Pressures up to 700 bar or 1000 bar can be generated, depending on the model.

Dirt trap

A dirt trap prevents the transfer of smallest dirt particles and humidity from a test sample to the pump; it is simply installed between the pressure hose and the pump body.

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